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Peacock Flock Book Review #13 - Switched

Peacock Flock Book Review #13

Author: Amanda Hocking

Length: ~ 293 pages

Genre: Fantasy

Heat level: Clean

Stars:  3.5 Somewhere Between Stars 

We wanted to see what all the hype was about. After reading a number of negative reviews online we passed on this book for awhile. But after getting a good review from a friend and knowing that it was rereleased after an editor looked at it (and about 15,000 words added) we thought we'd give it a chance. The plot was done well and we enjoyed this world that she created. We continued wanting to know what would happen next. Some of the things done by the characters seemed a little off to us (which is why the rating isn't higher) such as the absurd amount of anger exhibited by Wendy's mother Elora when she did something wrong. If it was really such a big deal a queen would've made her aware of what the major faux pas and mistakes are, especially if it further embarrasses her. We also felt that the way Wendy is described as child and earlier when she confronts Finn for being a jerk, she just seemed to tumble into this meek little character. We wondered where all her back-bone went. As scary as Elora seemed to be, it felt off. We did however love how well the characters where developed, most particularly the secondary characters. We can't wait to see what happens with Tove. Yes we will be reading the rest of this series. :D

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