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My Works and Writing

My Published Works

I have a poem and a short story, Mommy's Got a Gun, published in the anthology Away From Home.
It can be purchased through the Kamloops Interior Authors Group here: Collected Works

My Writing

My Writing Style

Eventually I am hoping that everyone who reads this and visits my site will be able to read my published work and develop their own opinion about what my style of writing is like. There are a number of influential authors that I hope I can reflect in my work (specifically for novels) while still making my own way. I loved the intricacy and depth of J.K. Rowling's plot-lines in the Harry Potter series. I also loved the classic romance in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and how her books were character and relationship driven. Christopher Paolini's books are amazingly detailed and have some wonderful examples of imagery. For my own writing I'd love to mix the intricate plot detail of J.K. Rowling with the classic romance and love of Stephenie Meyer, add some wonderful images like Paolini did and throw in just a hint of Jane Austen like wit.



Lasera is my current work in progress novel. I've been working on it since Aug of 2008. I hope to be able to see it on bookshelves one day. I submitted my work to agents in Feb of 2012 and I'll hopefully be doing so again soon after significant revision. Lasera is a story about a teenage girl named Valerie Morgan who meets a merman trapped in the local pool after he saves her life.




I find that my brain jumps ahead with new ideas before I've even had a chance to flesh out the ideas running through the forefront of my brain. Thus I shift my other ideas back. Right now I have 15+ projects on the back burner. Many of these are possible series. My current project "Lasera" is the first book in a planned series of six. Needless to say I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Small sampling of the back burner:

Time travel book.

Sci-fi involving alien abduction.

Historical novel written with possible collaboration.

Two screenplays.

Clean fantasy romance (with suspense) based in a country much like India.

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