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Peacock Flock Book Review #11 - The Last Enchantment

Peacock Flock Book Review #11

The Last Enchantment
Author: Meg Alexander

Length: ~ 298 pages

Genre: Historical Romance 

Heat level: Clean

Stars:  4 Stupendous Purple Stars 
Book Summary:

To prevent her niece, Caroline, from marrying the notorious Duke of Salterne, Aurelia Carrington took the girl away to Brighton. As a means of escape, it was a failure, for Salterne followed them. Deeply, if unwillingly, attracted to him, Aurelia suspected he preferred her company to Caroline's, so what had made him offer marriage? By the time she found out, more was at risk than Aurelia's heart.

We read this book in a little over 24 hours. It's quite a good little romance. Both the heroine and the hero were well developed and unlike many books where there isn't a lot of scenes between the two main characters the wonderful Duke (the main man) is teasing, admonishing or laughing with the heroine, Aurelia, every few pages. There were many scenes where we couldn't put it down and more than a few times where we giggled and went "Aww", and then proceeded to devour more. The only issues we had with it was that the suspense needed to start earlier in the book and there was a little too much description about unimportant things ie: we've heard more than enough about the Prince Regent and his adoration of Chinese things. Plus there were a few times where references were made to things that didn't make sense at all -- a little hard to follow some of the societal comments. We would recommend this though. The characters are wonderful and (shocker of shockers) have actually been in love before the romance with each other. 

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  1. I have to admit, I loved this book Danielle and would read it again! That's the sign of a good book to me!


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