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Announcing Peacock Flock Book Reviews & Chapter One Release

So I promised you a big announcement and it's two fold!

First part:

Announcing Peacock Flock Book Review Thursdays

Every Thursday the 'Peacock Flock' will be reviewing either a young adult or new adult novel. Genres will mostly be fantasy, science fiction, romance, and possibly some contemporary or literary. Have a novel you'd love the Peacock Flock to review? Go to my "Review Policy" page for all the details. A word of caution the Peacock Flock can be harsh but is usually fair.

Make sure to watch for Review #1 this coming Thursday! :D

Also Announcing Chapter One Preview Release Date

On leap day of this year (Feb 29, 2012) I will be releasing the preview of Chapter One of Lasera in its entirety! Make sure to spread the word, cause I will be talking all about it for the next few weeks. Plus two weeks before the official release I'll give all my readers and fans a teaser with the first paragraph! :D Can't wait for everyone to read it!
Check out the publicity poster:

p.s. A BIG thank you goes out to my mother for her invaluable help in designing this poster and to my two sisters for their input :D


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