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When a Cold Gets the Best of My House

So I've been attacked by the cold bug. Unfortunately this particular bug also attacked my house. It
keeps the toys on the floor, laundry unfolded, and dishes on my counter. When a vicious bus zaps you and then proceeds to zap your house, well that's just peachy. Colds make it so that you wear every single piece of clothing you have before you do laundry. You eat mashed potatoes straight out of the left over container in the fridge so you don't dirty a plate. You nap all afternoon and then crash again before 9. Your eyes struggle to focus as you read and then reread the dosage on the cold medication box. Not only has this cold attacked me but it's attacking my house and it's making me grumpy. Bah humbug! Colds are the worst..... who agrees with me? Maybe I should just break out the winter snow shovel and get all these toys and clothes picked up and get my house clean again?
Nah, the shovel would break my dishes.


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