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Lovely Lovable Libraries

Libraries are one of those wonderful places that I have amazing memories of, both from my childhood and as an adult. Summer reading programs and finding a new book you've never read before. Getting a new library card to put in your tiny purse at the age of ten. I hope we all have memories like that.

There's a lot of digital reading and eReaders that are around now. They are a joy and a treasure, but there's something about the tactile sensation of holding a book in your hand that you can't wait to read. As an adult the hardest adjustment I've had to make is that I can't start reading my book on the way home like I did as a child, as I'm now driving the car.

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My son loves books, and I'm very happy to continue to encourage that.  I still remember sitting on my bed listening to my father and mother read me both the classics and other lovable books. Ramona and Her Mother, Heidi, The Wizard of Oz, and The Mouse and the Motorcycle. I still have my first ever library card and I cherish it. 

Librarians were and still are amazing tools. You can tell them your interests and they'll often introduce you to a new book that you're sure to love. One such librarian introduced me to Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher when I was in grade three. It's now a favourite of mine and I've since enjoyed reading it out loud to my younger siblings. 

Don't let your library card lapse into a dusty ornament. Support our local libraries & librarians (& the amazing programs they run) and don't hesitate to pick up and explore the wonderfully crisp tactile pages of the books they are the guardians of. 

Go hit your local library :D


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